Breast Lift (with or without Breast Augmentation)

With time, as breast skin loses its elasticity, the breast will often lose its fullness and firmness causing them to sag. This can be the result of pregnancy, weight loss or simply the march of time. Whatever the reason, if your breasts are not as youthful as they used to be, then Dr. DeLuca can restore the size and firmness of your breasts with a Breast Lift.

Breast Lift, or Mastopexy, is a surgical procedure used to restore and reshape the look of your breasts. Dr. DeLuca sometimes performs the Breast Lift procedure in conjunction with Breast Augmentation, when patients express a desire to have more volume, resulting in fuller breasts with more ample cleavage.

Dr. DeLuca consults personally with each patient to be certain that they will achieve their aesthetic goals. Various breast lift techniques are available. Following the consultation, Dr. DeLuca will recommend the breast lift technique that is best suited to your individual needs.


Recovery time varies by procedure. Most of Dr. DeLuca’s patients are performing their routine activities within 3-5 days. If combined with an augmentation, patients should plan on 6-7 days for recovery. Most of Dr. DeLuca’s patients are back at work within a week.

Imagine the renewed self-confidence you’ll feel with more youthful and shapely breasts following breast lift surgery. Specializing in breast and body contouring, Dr. DeLuca offers you the experience you demand with the individual and artistic approach you expect to achieve the look you want.


Dr. DeLuca is committed to fulfilling his patients’ aesthetic visions and obtaining absolute patient satisfaction. Book an appointment today and let Dr. DeLuca guide you in developing your personal approach to achieving your aesthetic goals.

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