Mommy Makeover

‘Mommy Makeover’ is a term used to describe a combination of plastic surgery procedures specifically tailored to address the most common body changes associated with pregnancy. These changes include loss of breast volume, ‘saggy’ breasts, loose abdominal skin with or without stretch marks, abdominal bulging and localized fat deposits that remain after pregnancy. To address all of these areas, a ‘Mommy Makeover’ will most commonly involve a breast augmentation (loss of breast volume), breast lift (‘saggy’ breasts), tummy tuck (loose abdominal skin, abdominal bulging) and liposuction (localized fat deposits and bulging). Dr. DeLuca can safely perform all of these procedures during a single operation.


Although multiple procedures have been performed, the recovery time is no different than if you underwent a tummy tuck only (10-14 days).


Dr. DeLuca is committed to fulfilling his patients’ aesthetic visions and obtaining absolute patient satisfaction. Book an appointment today and let Dr. DeLuca guide you in developing your personal approach to achieving your aesthetic goals.

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